1.Quick, easy, hassle-free installation

Our modular press fit system is up to ten times faster than conventional welding, and does not require skilled labour or hot work permits.

2.Tidy, consistent no weld pipe joins

The pressing tool ensures that each press is exactly the same, every time — unlike the uncertainty and mess that comes with welding.

3.Increased safety

Unlike traditional pipe installation, the no weld press fit piping’s no-flame method minimises the risk of fire, explosions and personal harm, making it easier to comply with OH&S requirements.

4.Reduced labour costs

The innovative stainless steel press fit piping system reduces installation time, resulting in lower labour costs. It also cancels the need for consumables and welding gas hire.

5.Safer, cleaner operation

The pipe’s polished stainless steel surface keeps it free from grease, oil, and any other corrosion-aiding materials. Each tube comes capped for complete integrity.

6.Unique press check 'No leak solution'

For your peace of mind, each press fit piping joint has a visible ‘successful crimp’ indicator, so you can instantly identify any fittings that have not been pressed. This means that you don’t have to wait until your pipe leaks to detect the problem!