Everyday life, drinking water quality and water pipes security is the focus of attention. There are four kinds of metal pipe fatal weakness: rust, corrosion, easy to leakage, easy to scale. Galvanized steel will corrode various microorganisms, water pipes contaminated breeding. Contaminated water like an invisible killer, to people's health is always a threat of bacteria. Ultra-use green as the main pipelines do not rust, no corrosion, no leakage, no scaling quality management. Widely used in drinking water, sewage, oil and gas mainly composed of the chemical industry, power industry, chemical, pharmaceutical, boiler, heating, shipbuilding, machinery manufacturing. In the elbow pipe fittings, reducers connections, diversions, deflate decompression places. Use accessories sewer First, with the progress of society, according to different requirements, are now used in many fields. 

Hydraulic system piping or conduit connected to the hydraulic pipe nipple element mounting member detachably connected to the fluid passage common. Pipe nipple tool, the removable parts and connections between the connection point between the pipes piping. As an indispensable role in the tube, which is mainly in part by two hydraulic pipes. Since the connecting element nipple movable, meet the normal connections are secure, sealing strong, reasonable size, pressure loss, good process performance requirements, but also must meet the requirements of easy removal. 

Press fittings the elongated connector wire assembly, comprising: at least two elongated, generally flat laminated on the wire, said wire having respective adjacent longitudinal edges; disposed in the wire layer, the two layers of electrically insulating material; receiving and a plurality of contact areas of the crimping head, the longitudinal edges of the distribution insert extending from the line of the laminate and the adjacent longitudinal edges along each of the contact pressing member. Electronic devices assembled circuit board connectors pressure bonding temperature environment under the car. So that the peak stress pressed into the through hole of the joint terminal occurs when the pressure does not exceed the design of the base reference value, to suppress the occurrence of damage to the substrate. A plurality of press fittings extending from an edge of each of the bus conductors of the conductive leads. Hierarchical bus when the inner conductor and an insulating material is filled into the cured epoxy resin of the shell, the epoxy resin is press-fitted to the convex surface of the line. These protrusions can be inserted into the pressure tube lead plate or printed circuit board for supplying power to the base plate or printed circuit board.