Our pipe fittings industry after 20 years of development, already has a considerable scale, and has maintained a rapid growth rate. At present, there are tens of thousands of registered Pipe Fittings, reach a certain size has more than 300, can produce 160 categories, more than 10,000 varieties. Since the 90s of the last century, the total output value of heavy industry has maintained rapid growth, during which the national pipe fittings industrial output and market sales growth has remained at 16-20% level. With the development of science and technology, continuous improvement of people's quality of life, self-care is also growing awareness of health and safety has become a modern two main themes of most concern. Therefore, known as the green pipe, rubber lined pipes, plastic-lined composite pipe, etc., more and more the pursuit of health and lifestyle of modern people of all ages. 

Pipe nipple and the pipe connecting between the tool is detachably connected to the point between elements and pipes. Acts as an indispensable role in the pipe, which is mainly composed of two hydraulic pipes one part. Pipe nipple are detachable connector pipe and tubing, tubing and hydraulic components between, it should meet the easy assembly and disassembly, connecting solid, reliable sealing, small size, large-pass oil capacity, low pressure loss, good processing and other requirements. Press the connection pipe and pipe nipple, pipe nipple mainly welded, card sets, flared, withhold other forms; each form of pipe nipple, press channel number and direction of the joint divided straight, right angle, tee and other types; and body connections are threaded connection, flange connection, etc.. In addition, there are some special purpose fittings meet. 

Everyday life, drinking water quality and water pipes security is the focus of attention. There are four metal tubes fatal weakness: rust, corrosive, easy to leakage, easy to scale. Galvanized steel will corrode the breeding of various microorganisms, contamination of water pipes. The contaminated water carries bacteria like an invisible killer, always a threat to people's health. Ultra use green as the main pipeline does not rust, no corrosion, no leakage, no scaling quality pipe. Widely used in drinking water, sewage water, oil and gas major components chemical industry, power industry, chemical, pharmaceutical, boiler, heating, shipbuilding, machinery manufacturing. Pipe fittings used in pipe bends, reducers connections, diversions, deflate decompression places. Fittings used in the sewer at first, with the progress of society, according to different requirements now used in many fields.