Press fittings elongate wire assembly, comprising: at least two elongated, generally flat layered on the wire, said wire having respective, adjacent to each longitudinal edge; conductors disposed in said two layered electrically insulating material layer; and a plurality of press fittings contacts, the wire from the adjacent longitudinal edges of the layered and distributed along the longitudinal extending edges of the respective press fittings insertion of the contact - receiving area. Electronic devices in the high temperature environment under the car in the press fittings engagement of the assembled circuit board. So that the through-hole press fittings terminal of the press-fitting of the peak stress occurs in the substrate does not exceed the design reference value, suppressing the occurrence of damage in the substrate. Integrally formed with the body portion, the pressure holding portions, the distal end portion of the introduction portion and the mating terminal, the cross-sectional area smaller than the sectional area of the introduction section of the holding portion, the elastic force than the elastic force of the introduction portion of the holding portion weakened, reducing little stress on the substrate. In the wiring substrate, the elastic material is filled in connection with the sheet-like substrate, a resin substrate, the stress relaxation occurs in the substrate itself. Along the floor for the printed circuit board or the press fittings the distribution bus comprises a plurality of planar electrically conductive busbar conductor material. Each of said bus conductor through a layer of electrically insulating material separated from the adjacent bus bar conductor. Press fitting a plurality of conductive leads extending from an edge of each bus wire. When the inner conductor and the hierarchical bus is filled with the insulating material into the housing of the cured epoxy resin, an epoxy resin is press-fitted from the surface of the protruding wire. These projections can be press fittings into the lead plate or printed circuit board for supplying power to the backplane or printed circuit board.