Pipe Fittings conduit is connected to the pipe part. Depending on the connection method can be divided into the socket type fittings, threaded pipe fittings, flanges, welded pipe fittings and four. Multi-tube made ​​of the same material. Elbow (elbow), flanges, tees, crosses tube (crosshead) and reducers (size of the head) and so on. Place for pipe elbow turn; flanges for tube and pipe interconnected parts, connected to the pipe end, pipe tee for three pooled place; Stone tube for four tubes pooled place; different two tubes of different diameters diameter pipe connected to the place. 
Pipe Nipple hydraulic system piping or conduit connected to the hydraulic element mounted parts, a fluid passage connecting member detachably general. Pipe Nipple tool and the pipe connecting between the connection point between the detachable member and the pipe. Acts as an indispensable role in the pipe, which is mainly composed of two hydraulic pipes one part. As the Pipe Nipple are available removable connecting elements, which meet the normal connections are secure, sealing strong, reasonable size, pressure loss, good process performance requirements, etc., but also must meet the requirements of convenient disassembly . 
Building materials industry development prospects are very good, China is already the world's largest producer and consumer of building materials. The main building materials cement, plate glass, building and sanitary ceramics, stone and wall materials production ranks first in the world for many years. Explosive growth "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" Infrastructure investment has been the chess set, roads, railways and other infrastructure investment and the steady growth of the ordinary civil investment boom so that the construction industry is in the upward phase. Meanwhile, in the construction of energy-saving society and the state to strengthen the independent innovation capability in the background, energy efficiency and technological innovation theme will be the development of the industry hot spot.